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It's just me....checking in

Hi all! This summer has been supper CRAZY!!!

** School is gona' start next week. I am NOT ready! Still have supplies to buy, school clothes to shop for, meetings to make to find out teacher names....you know....stuff....
** We found someone to rent our other house from us. We have been cleaning out the rest of our junk for the past couple of weeks.
**The adoption for Baby Girl is coming soon. Waiting for the state to give us a final court date. 2 1/2 years....it's about time!!!
** I haven't felt like myself in a while....that slows me down too!

I hope all is going well for all my friends. Sorry I have not been posting or commenting lately....have I missed anything? It will be better for me this fall....I hope....

Check this out for something funny! The man on the far right KILLED ME!!!

pics from NashCon 2011

pic by @js2pngirl

The pic above is of Richard/Trickster-Gabriel standing VERY near us!! Look at the arm in the front, the lady with the dark brown shirt on... that is my sister wynefred!!! I was right next to her!! OH MY Gosh!!! Sis kept saying, she could have reached out & touched him!!!


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Just got home from Nashville Con!! 2011

Sis & wynefred I JUST got home from a wonderful weekend with our boys in Nashville. What a GREAT time we had!!

We made some of the best new friends.
Got some awesome pics!
Heard funny stuff!!
Saw the boyz!!!
Talked to the boyz!!
Got to hug some of the cast!

It all has to wait for later.... so sleepy. Lots of  family stuff to do. I won't forget about you....


Someone posted this in my facebook.... I got a BIG laugh out of it. Thought I would pass it on to you guys to enjoy too.

It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach. A human hair can hold 3kg. The length of a penis is 3 times the length of the thumb. The femur is as hard as concrete. A woman's heart beats faster than a man's. Women blink 2x as much as men. We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand. The woman has read this entire text. The man is still looking at his thumb. Repost if this made you smile.

Cute, right?


Is it spring yet?

Hi all! So sorry I have been missing from LJ for so long. Lots of diff reasons for this.... (#1) the only internet we have at home now is my sisters, & she uses it to WORK ( & currently writing a Dean/hurt fic). (#2) I have been working more weekends lately. (#3) I have not felt "right" for a while now. I don't know if it is only slight depression, or if I'm only really ready for Spring to come. I'm soooo ready for flip-flops & capris!
This is one of my favorite times of the year! I have always had a thing for the early flowers that come up now. The  daffodils are up!!! We moved to this house this past fall, so anything that comes up is new & exciting for me. Our old house had 2 acers and in the spring a large part of it is COVERED in daffodils. 5-8 different  varieties of them. So many you can't take a step without stepping on them. The kids & I spent days out there picking them. Filled every container in the house! The new house has several small patches of them....just no where close to the amount that our last house had. The kids are DYING to pick them!

I also love the Forsythia bushes that bloom now. Some of the first signs that Spring is winning the battle with Winter.

Baby girl had an eco-gram done Monday of her heart. Her Dr. detected a heart murmur. *trying not to panic!* The test was sent off to Louisville, & we have to wait for the results. I'm told not to worry...kids have this all the time. I have so many questions going on in my head right now! I HATE waiting!

I have another ear infection...(Yippee). I have had MANY ear aches in my lifetime. I'm told we outgrow them as we get older....is 36 old enough yet??

It's prom time...at work we are crazy busy with the prom girls looking at dresses. (we sell beautiful, in-style, used prom dresses) I don't normally work on Saturday or Sunday...but I have been for the last month or two. (hate it!)

I have a new obsession (thanks Sis!). She got me started watching Stargate 1 (SG1). I know....that show has been off the air for a while...but I just discovered it! I love it! Danny is HOT!

I hope you are all doing well. Happy early Spring!

Writer's Block: Snacks, don't fail me now

When you're feeling down, what comfort foods do you enjoy?

Pasta! I am a freek for anything with a cream sauce & cheese!

A Letter To CW re: Supernatural

Dearest CW,
What the......! You make us wait all this time, hype it up with interviews & spoiler pics, and now you pull sh** like this???  ONE DAY BEFORE THE NEW EPISODE AIRS!? Seriously???? The day BEFORE it airs, you change the programing lineup??!!
I am so mad at you guys.
Have a great day,

PS: Please don't do this again.

A letter to SPN

Dear Supernatural,

Please hurry up & come back from your vacation. Way too many fangirls need you. I think I might go crazy if I have to wait too much longer. Please, Please, Please hurry.............

Thank you for your time,
As always,
Love Cindi

Monday doings

I was off from work today...I had the joy of going to the dentist to have the ol' choppers cleaned again..you will be happy to know, all is well with all my teeth. yay. I don't know why I dislike going to the dentist so much. I get so nervous. Makes me feel like a little girl again. Like he will fuss at me 'cause I never floss.

I spent a good hour & 1/2 today taking down all the christmas stuff. I have been begging hubby to help for a while, but today I said to myself
"self....if you want this done, do it yourself!"
So, I did. Took lots of trips up & down the steps to the basement, but it is DONE! I think I did it faster by myself than if I had of had help.

My son had an appointment with one of his doctors this afternoon. He is a great kid with special needs. I had to discuss lots of stuff with the Dr about my sons increase in aggression & lack of attention. This is always a touchy thing...I am not one  of those moms that want to rely on medication to "fix" my kids. In fact, I try to learn other methods to help before using those strong meds. My sons in home therapist was in total agreement that it is time to change something with the meds. My son was a WILD BOY in the Dr office today! Exhausting!

Still had to make our weekly trip to the grocery store. (hate it!) That place was a stupid mad house!!! Weather man says it is gona' snow tonight. So, EVERYONE has to rush out to get the milk & bread! You would have thought they were going to be snowed in for weeks the way those people were acting. Idiots!

I still had to come home, unload groceries, put them away, and fix dinner. sheesh...I am tired! (than kyou to my sis for washing dishes tonight)  I think I should go on to bed...I'm very sleepy, got a headache too. (thank god I get to go to work tomorrow...I get to slow down some)

Night all.

Writer's Block: Snack attack

What food would you never put in your mouth for any reason, and why?

I HATE tomatos...raw, nasty, tomato "snot" grosses me out! I'm ok with cooked chopped tomatos in soups & other dishes. But do not put a raw sliced tomato on my sandwich! Nasty!